URL_RESPONSE probe - Forms Authentication


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Is "Forms Authentication" a supported format in the URL_Response probe?











UIM 8.xurl_response probe in use 4.42


We do not support forms authentication.

We only support windows authentication or basic authentication



Additional Information

• Some web servers require user authentication. The url_response probe transmits user information as specified in the HTTP / HTTPS protocols. This works with webpages, where on interactive use, the browser prompts for login information.
• When the web pages implement a login screen, you will have to use the e2e_appmon probe.
• In Microsoft environment, authentication with web servers and proxy servers is of the 'Basic' type. if 'Windows Integrated Authentication' is required, the 'Windows NT Authentication' check box in the profile must be selected. Proxy settings are then retrieved from the registry, as saved by Internet Explorer.