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Frequently asked questions about side-loading Norton Mobile Security on Android


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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about side loading Norton Mobile Security.


Q. What is "side loading"?

A. “Side-loading” is installing Android apps without using Google Play.


Q. Why would I want to allow side loading?

A. Your region may not support Google Play so you'll need an alternative method to download and install Android apps, including the Norton Mobile Security for Android app. You set the option to allow side-loading, in the Mobility Manager administrator console (see the next item).


Q. How do I set Mobility Manager to allow side-loading?

A. In the Symantec Mobility Manager administrator console, go to Settings > Side Loading Applications, place a checkmark next to Enable side-loading for Norton Mobile Security (for Android only), and then click Save.

NOTE: Enabling or disabling side loading removes any changes you’ve made to the Threat Protection email invitation template (see the next item).


Q. What changes in the Mobility Manager admin console when side-loading is enabled?

A. Changes you make to the Threat Protection email invite template are lost whenever you change the state of the side loading option- the template reverts to the default text.


Q. How does side-loading affect the device user?

A.To side-load apps, the user must set their device to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. On Android 4.0.3 and later, the option is set under Settings > Security > Device administration. The user must enable the option, Unknown sources. Also, when Norton Mobile Security is side loaded, the device user first installs the app and then separately, enrolls the app with Mobility Manager. 


Q. How do I update a side-loaded app?

A. The side-loaded Norton Mobile Security app updates itself, and no user action is required.