Error: "Failed to generate package. The chain context handle is invalid..." when generating CEM agent packages


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


When trying to create a cloud enabled management package the package fails to be created.

Failed to generate package. The chain context handle is invalid. Parameter name: certificate


The SSL certificate for the Symantec Agent Website in IIS is missing from the server's personal certificate store on the Symantec Management Platform.
As well, having unnecessary certificates under the Personal can cause problems.


ITMS 7.5 and later


Try the following:

  1. Open MMC on the SMP server and check that under the Personal certificate store, the certificates used for the Default Web site and Symantec Agent site are there. 
  2. Re-import the CEM certificate to the personal certificate store in MMC on SMP Server.
  3. If you have more certificates than the ones used in the Default Web Site and Symantec Agent Site in IIS manager, remove them (export them with their private key as a backup).
  4. Run NS.CEM Certificate Synchronization schedule (in Task Scheduler)