Some UEFI motherboards fail to post after image restore


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Ghost Solution Suite


When using Ghost64.exe (build or to restore a BIOS based image to a UEFI only machine, or to a Hybrid UEFI machine (tries UEFI boot first and then BIOS), the computer fails to post after a reboot, making the machine unusable.


The firmware on a machine where UEFI has been implemented needs location information for the System and Boot Partitions, but in some cases this causes a firmware failure. Limited instances of this behavior have been reported to Support of this issue when restoring a BIOS based image to a machine running in Hybrid mode (machine tries a UEFI boot then BIOS).



Symantec has a solution that no longer affects the firmware and it can be obtained by contacting Support as per the instructions provided at

Applies To

Systems that have been reported to be experiencing the problem:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 64bit UEFI

Dell R620 with a Dell PERC H710P 4 disk Raid 6

IBM Server Models x3550 M4, x3560 M4 and HS23