How to collect file inventory for files present in system folders.


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Inventory Solution CMDB Solution Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris)


Unable to collect the inventory for *.DMP files

No data collected.


Incorrect configuration


By default under Inventory policy/task advanced options>>file Properties Scan settings>>Folders there are some folders excluded. So though we provide the path such as c:Windows\Minidump it never collects the inventory as there are exclusions added as "%windir%" and "*:windows". (Please review before as the issue depends on it)

Solution to it would be as follows: Now we can use either method A or B. Method C provided needs to be used with A or B for best performance results.

Please clone the default policy or create a new one before making any change.

Method A:

1) Remove the exclusions in this case "%windir%" and "*.windows".

2) No need to provide the "C\windows\minidum" in the inclusions as it by default scans entire "C:\Windows folder"

3) The problem with this method is it scans entire C:\windows folder hence take lots of time to comple the scan.

Method B:

1) Go to Inventory policy/task advanced options>>File Properties Scan settings>>Drive

2) Remove the "Local Drive" present.

3) Go to Folder tab and add the inclusion for "c:\Windows\Minidump"

Method C:

1) Add only one rule for only DMP files and remove all others.

Applies To

Symantec Management Platform 7.5.x

Inventory Solution 7.5.x