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Deployment Solution


After an upgrade to 7.5 SP1 (either from 7.5 HF6 or 7.1 SP2)  custom files stored in "Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86\Deployment" folder will be removed and all  jobs/tasks that use these custom files will be corrupted. E.g unatted.xml and sysprep.inf files.  As of January 2015, the Symantec Installation Manager may show that DSFileCheck Install Readiness Check has failed when attempting to install Deployment Solution 7.5 SP1.

Error in console

"A ctitical error have occured on this page. Check the Altiris logs for more information."


 Due to method Deployment Solution is performing upgrade, custom files in default Deployment directory root would be removed.



Development has added an IRC (Install Requirement Check) to the latest PL that will not allow the installation to continue if extra files are located in the

"Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86\Deployment" folder.  For example, custom unattend files or any folder created by a customer.


When the IRC detects this issue. Please do the following :

1) Copy any additional files or folder present in the Deployment directory to a separate directory.  E.g  C:\test

2) Perform the upgrade

3) Copy the files and folders back to the Deployment directory

4) Run following SQL query's to fix the corruption in database caused by the upgrade:

Script 1:

UPDATE ItemVersionData
SET [State] = cast([State] as nvarchar(max)) + '</vItem>'
WHERE [State] like '<vItem>%' and [State] not like '%</vItem>' and LEN(cast
([State] as nvarchar(max))) < 4000


Script 2:

update Item
set State = (select replace (cast (State as varchar (max)), '</imaging></state>', '</imaging></vItem></state>') from Item where Guid = ic.Guid)
from Item i
join ItemClass ic on ic.Guid = i.Guid
where ic.ClassGuid = '61803274-FE41-43C4-9D59-C23A578EDDE6'--Altiris.Deployment.ImageDeploy
and State like '%</imaging></state>%'

5). Locate this job/task in console, and perform any kind of modification, in order to re-create it's correct state in database.

Applies To

DS 7.5 (upgrade from 7.1 SP2)

DS 7.5 SP1 (upgrade from 7.1 SP2 or 7.5 HF6)