maileater does not create ticket
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maileater does not create ticket


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maileater not creating tickets.

Email sent to maileater seems ignored. How can I identify the reason?


windows 2008r2, windows 2012ServiceDesk 12.9 , 14.1standalone configurationprimary and secondaryAA


The default tracing in stdlog do not report error.

To see the cause, we will increase the log level

1/ at the command line on the Service Desk server, execute

pdm_logstat -n pdm_maileater_nxd 500


2/ recreate the problem (send an email to maileater)

Reset the tracing to default

pdm_logstat -n pdm_maileater_nxd


3/ examine the NX_ROOT\log\stdlog.*

Do we have a message like this one

xxxxxx  pdm_maileater_nxd yyy TRACE pdm_maileater_nxd.c zzz Filter match Not Found. This is the last Filter. Message will not be applied.


3/ If we have this message, it confirms the problem is about the subject of the email not matching the "filter string".

check the "filter string" in the mail rule

We should not have space on the top or at the end of the filter string.

Logon on ServiceDesk app

Administration tab, email, "mailbox rule"


Edit the rule matching the subject


" [ \t\r\n]Urgent in[ \t\r\n]"


"[ \t\r\n]Urgent in[ \t\r\n]"