NS.Windows Patch Remediation Settings Task missing from Task Scheduler


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Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris)


You open the Task scheduler and look for "NS.Windows Patch Remediation Settings" to run. It is missing.


No scheduled time defined on the  "Windows Patch Remediation Settings" policy in the console. 


Work through the following process to restore the 'NS.Windows Patch Remediation Settings' scheduled task:
  1. Schedule a Time or Window of time on the "Windows Patch Remediation Settings" policy.
    1. Go to: Console > Home Tab > Patch Management, under Settings click Remediation; this will open the policy window.
    2. In the 'Patch Filter Update Interval' section; click 'Add Schedule' > 'Schedule Window;' input your desired schedule window
    3. Save Changes
  2. Run the resource membership updates:
    1. Go to: Console > Settings > Notification Server > Resource Membership Update.
    2. Click 'Run' button (on the far right) for the following:
      1. Policy update schedule (should run quickly; within a few seconds)
      2. Delta update schedule  (may take up to 5 minutes or more)
  3. Run the 'NS.Weekly' scheduled task
    1. Go to: Server > Start Menu > Task Scheduler
      1. Highlight the Task Scheduler Library and the list will populate alphabetically
      2. Highlight 'NS.Weekly' and right-click > Run