CMDB 7.5 CMDB Managers and Asset Manager security role no longer is able to use Set Asset Status right click function or use Bulk Edit


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In Symantec Management Platform 7.5, when a user is in the CMDB Manager or Asset Manager role, they right click on an asset such as a computer and go to the CMDB Functions menu. The Set Asset Status function is no longer available there.

For the missing Set Asset Status menu, no error occurs.

For trying to use Bulk Edit, a Symantec Management Server Error occurs.


Product defect, Etrack 3526900.


These two issues are resolved in CMDB Solution 7.6. Note: Because this is a defect, it's not possible to manually re-add the Set Asset Status menu using the Security Role Manager.

1. As a workaround for the missing Set Asset Status menu, the user can still edit the asset and manually set the Status value on the edit page. Or, consider adding the user to the Symantec Administrator role, as this role can successfully use the Set Asset Status function.

2. As a workaround for Bulk Edit not working, the user can use a Data Connector import rule or CMDB rule to bulk change data as desired.

A possible workaround for the Set Asset Status is to:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security > Account Management.
  2. Clone the effected role.
  3. Select the effected role, and click Show Security Role Manager Console.
  4. In the Security role console, click the "View" drop down in the upper left corner and select "Resources".
  5. Select the topmost item "Resource Management"
  6. In the resulting left pane, select "Delete" from "System Permissions" Click save.

After adding the user to the new role, the user should find that right click > Set Asset Status is now available.  Please Note: This workaround may not work in every environment. If it does not work please consider using a higher security role, such as Symantec Administrator, for this purpose.

3. We have a pointfix for the issue with missing "CMDB Functions > Set Asset Status" right click functions. Please note that the pointfix (3698368_Asset_7.5_SP1_HF4_pointfix.7z) attached to this KB is compatible ONLY with 7.5 SP1 HF4 and is not compatible with any other version.


  1. Extract files from the archive to the NS hard drive. Make sure Point Fix is not extracted to Altiris install directory (or any subfolder to it).
  2. Execute PFInstaller.exe with administrative privileges (right-click > Run as administrator). Select "Install Files".
  3. Accept UAC (User Account Control) if prompted, select Install Files. Old binaries will be automatically backuped to the Backup folder at the same location where PFinstaller is and replaced with the new ones. Log-file Log.txt will be created at the same location where PFinstaller is.
  4. Close PFInstaller window.



1.      Make sure that Backup subfolder is located in PFinstaller directory

  1. Execute PFInstaller.exe with administrative privileges (right-click > Run as administrator). Old binaries will be repaired from Backup folder located at the same location where PFinstaller is. NS services should be started automatically.
  2. Accept UAC (User Account Control) prompt, select Uninstall Files.
  3. Close PFInstaller window.


Applies To

CMDB Solution versions 7.5 and 7.5 SP1.


3698368_Asset_7.5_SP1_HF4_pointfix.7z get_app