Security Content Update (SCU) fails to update Control Compliance Suite (CCS) components using Automatic Updates Installation job (Live Update)


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Customer sees Failed status for Automatic Updates Installation job while upgrading SCU 2013-3 to SCU 2014-1 via Live update if ISO license(s) are expired.

Error Message: Validates Mandatory Licenses in Silent Install Mode
[Error: Provide a valid license that contains the following features to proceed with the installation:ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ISO/IEC 270002:2005 License Details]


The Live Update installation is blocked because the mandatory licensing does not have a warning enabled feature set for expired licenses. If ISO license is expired, the SCU should still be installed without ISO update.


Apply Security Content Update (SCU) v11.0 2014-1 manually on each component by copying the appropriate package to the appropriate host (i.e. CCS_11_0_APSCCSM_2014-1_SCU_Win package = Application Server) and executing the package. This issue is resolved in the CCS v11.0 SCU 2014-1 build and onwards and SCU(s) can be installed via Live Update without ISO licensing issue.