Unable to find custom resources in Organizational Views and Groups when using CMDB Solution 7.5


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) CMDB Solution


After creating a custom resource using CMDB Solution 7.5, when looking under Default in Organizational Views and Groups, custom resources do not appear.


Product defect, Etrack TECH218064.

Normally, the Filter button is use on the Default organizational view. This enables the user to select custom resources and any out of box resources that do not normally show up in the asset list in organizational views. However, the specified name doesn't appear. Instead, the custom resource is found as named "New Resource Type".


This is a product defect that is scheduled to be corrected in a future version of CMDB Solution.

The following workaround can resolve this:

  1. In the SQL Server Management Studio, run the following SQL script:

    USE Symantec_CMDB
    SELECT Guid, Name, CreatedDate
    FROM vItem
    WHERE Name = '<Custom Resource Name>' -- Change this to the name of the custom resource.

    Note the CreatedDate date and time value.
  2. Run the following SQL script:

    SELECT s.Guid, s.CreatedDate
    FROM String s
    JOIN vItem vi
    ON vi.Guid = s.BaseGuid
    WHERE String = 'New Resource Type'

    Note the CreatedDate date and time value. As there may be more than one New Resource Record found, compare the CreatedDate date and time to the one found from step 1. There should be one very close, within normally one minute. This is the record that will be changed in step 3. Once this is identified, copy its GUID value for the next SQL script.
  3. Run the following SQL script:

    WARNING: The following makes permanent changes to the String table. The user may wish to back this table up, or even the entire Symantec_CMDB database, before continuing.

    UPDATE String
    SET String = '<Custom Resource Name>' -- Change this to the same name as used in step 1's custom resource name.
    WHERE Guid = '<GUID>' -- Change this to the GUID copied from step 2.
  4. On the Symantec Management Platform Server, restart IIS. WARNING: Resetting IIS will temporarily cause Altiris to be offline and may result in lost work by users if they were in the process of using Altiris. This may therefore need to be performed during a non-production time.
  5. In a Symantec Management Platform Console, click on Manage > Organizational Views and Groups.
  6. Click on Default.
  7. Click on the Filter button.
  8. The changed name of the custom resource should now appear alphabetically as the correct name, not as New Resource Type.

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Applies To

Symantec Management Platform versions 7.5 and 7.5 SP1
CMDB Solution versions 7.5 and 7.5 SP1
This also occurs in older versions of Symantec Managment Platform 7.1/CMDB Solution 7.1, but is resolved with its v9 patch.