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*TSS8859E VSAM GET ERROR- RC=08 RS=10 KEY=xxxx xxx


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Explanation of the *TSS8859E VSAM GET ERROR- RC=08 RS=10 KEY=DCRT JAU

After client added a new cert to replace the older cert because it was expiring, they started receiving:

N 8020000 REN2 17250 12:20:01.21 STC02782 00000010 *TSS8859E VSAM GET ERROR- RC=08 RS=10 KEY=xxxx xxx
N 0000000 REN2 17250 12:20:01.21 STC02782 00000214 IEF196I TSS8859E VSAM GET ERROR- RC=08 RS=10 KEY=xxxx xxx


Component: TSSMVS


The return code from TSS8859E RC=08 / RS=10 indicates that VSAM had to split a CA.

8(X'8') Logical error; specific error is indicated in the RPL feedback area.

16(X'10') The sequence-set record does not have enough space to allow it to address all
the control intervals in the control area that should contain the record. The
record was written into a new control area.

The certificate is actively being used without problem.

The messages received was due to a VSAM split, which is normal.