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When creating a numerical password policy, the user is able to set a password that has no numbers.


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Symantec Products


When generating a password policy with "Password Quality" type Numeric, a password can be created on the device that contains no numbers.

No errors are displayed when this issue occurs.


The ability to create a password that has no numbers when enforcing the Numeric password restriction exists by design.


This is working by design and is not a product issue. When password quality settings are applied to the device they indicate the minimum password quality that should be applied to the device. It is not intended to be interpreted as what "must" be used. Since Alphanumeric is more restrictive than numeric the mobile user is able to use that password quality as well.


Applies To


Symantec App Center 4.x

CentOS/RHEL 5.5-5.8/6.4