VIP Access Desktop Activation failed Error 0x10


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VIP Access for Desktop


Unable to activate the VIP Access Desktop.


Connectivity to the VIP credential activation URL is not accessible from the machine. This can also occur if VIP Access Desktop 2.1.1 installer is being used (this installer points to obsolete URLs). 


The activation process requires access to the URL located here. Check internet connectivity or try switching to a different internet connection (i.e., switch from wifi to data, connect to adifferent wifi connection, etc.). If on a corporate network, consult your IT helpdesk. 

Go to, download the latest version, and install it.

Note: Versions 2.1.x and older have been decommissioned as they use the older Verisign URLs and have known security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in later versions. It is recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.