Device gives error when enrolling: "Permission denied, device already enrolled as a different user"
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Device gives error when enrolling: "Permission denied, device already enrolled as a different user"


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Devices are rejecting user login "Permission denied, device already enrolled as a different user". However, the devices are not shown in the list of devices on ACHQ, and have never previously been enrolled.

"Permission denied, device already enrolled as a different user" on the device.


The root cause is still being determined.
Upon encountering this error, please open a new support case for it and send the information requested below to Support. This will help track and solve the issue.
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There are three possible workarounds to this issue:
1. Rename the device and then try to reenroll.

2. If that does not work, do the following:
a. Uninstall ADA
b. Remove all App Center profiles
c. Rename device to a name that is not currently in use
d. Enroll to App Center

3. On the device go to Settings->Privacy->Advertising-> Reset Advertising

To help us determine the cause and create a solution to this issue, send support the following:
1. Name of the device.
2. Operating System of the affected device.
3. Screenshot of the user tab in SaaS showing the user who failed the enrollment.
4. The Device log when the device is trying to enroll (See below).

Instructions for Obtaining iOS Device Debug Logs
1. The following link can be used to download the iPhone Configuration Utility:   
2. The iOS device experiencing the enrollment errors will need to be connected through USB to the PC the utility is installed on.
3. Open the iPhone Configuration Utility and click on the iOS device on the left tree and click the Console tab.
4.  Follow the steps needed to reproduce the issue. Check to see that the log shows your recent activity.
5. Click the Save Console As… button to export the Console log to a text file.
6. Provide a copy of this debug log to the Support team for review

Applies To

This issue applies to version 4.4 of Symantec App Center SaaS on the * domain with iOS 7.x devices.