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How to create, download and schedule reports in the Partner Management Console


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Partners/Resellers of the Cloud version of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) are encouraged to use the Partner Management Console (PMC) to manage their customers. This console can also be used to create, download, and schedule reports, this document will discuss reporting in the PMC, the options available, and their use.


Viewing Reports:

Once a Partner Management Console account has been created and customers have been added to it reports can be viewed in the following location:

  1. Log in to the PMC 
  2. Click on the Report Tab
  3. Reports which have already been created will be listed in the Reports tab
  4. Click either the "Download" link or the "Report Name" link to download or open the desired report.

Types of Reports:

The Partner Management Console provides three report types. These can be created using the Report Wizard.

Customer Executive Summary: Displays the health of a customer network, service utilization, risk detections, computers at risk, backup storage consumption, restore attempts, and other indications of network health.

MSP Executive Summary: Provides a thorough summary of customer activity. This report includes:

  • Service utilization
  • Customer and service growth trends
  • New subscriptions, users, and capacity added
  • Details of threats or risks
  • Details of customer backups and storage consumption 
Note: By default the MSP Executive Summary report automatically runs once a week.

Service Utilization and Billing:Gives a summary of the overall usage of services across all customers in your account. It also provides a breakdown of product utilization by customer. This report can be leveraged for customer billing.

Note: By default the Service Utilization and Billing report automatically runs once a week.


Creating Reports:

To create and configure a new report:

  1. From the Reports page and Reports tab, click Add
  2. On the "Report Selection" step, name the report and select the "Report Type" using the drop-down then click "Next"
  3. On the Data Selection step:
    • Specify a time frame for the report to cover
    • Select at least one customer
      Note:.To save the settings for use in scheduling re-occurring reports, check the "Save these settings as a template that I can use again later" check-box.
  4. Next, select any e-mail addresses which should receive a notification that the report has been created via e-mail. In order to include the report as an attachment to the notification e-mail, check the "Email the report as an attached file" check-box, if this is not selected, users will need to log in to the PMC in order to view the report.
  5. Lastly, during the Confirmation step, review the report configuration and selections. If satisfied with the configuration, click Generate Report

The report is then listed on the Reports page with and shows the status of the report, Processing can take a few minutes, once completed the report will be e-mailed to the designated e-mail addresses and can be downloaded or opened from the reports tab.


Scheduling Reports:

Reports can be scheduled to run at a predetermined time and frequency, however these reports must be created based on a "Report Template." The first step in scheduling a report is to create a new report and configure it as desired (described in the previous section) making sure to check the "Save these settings as a template that I can use again later" check-box. Once a report has been created:

  1. Navigate to the "Scheduled Reports" tab
  2. Click the "Add" button
  3. Name the Scheduled Report
  4. Select which report template should be run from the drop-down menu, this should be the name selected when originally creating the report
  5. Choose when to run the report:
    • If the Schedule field is set to daily, the frequency selection will allow for the choice of which time of day in 1 hour increments
    • If the Schedule field is set to Weekly, the frequency selection allows for determining which day or days of the week the report will run in addition to the time of day
  6. Click Submit, the report will now appear in the Scheduled Reports tab and will be generated at the interval defined during creation.
Note:If any alterations need to be made to already created scheduled reports, clicking on the "Schedule Name" link for the specific report will allow schedule settings to be altered.


Report Customization:

The Report Customization link in the top right corner of any page in the "Reports" section allows for customization of the following options in reports:

  • Change the color of the header font.
  • Change the color of the report theme.
  • Include a custom logo in the report banner, note that supported file types are: PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF. The file size must be less than 200 KB, also if the image is larger than 116x110 pixels it will be scaled to fit and may result in distortion of the image.