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Critical Error when launching Control Compliance Suite's CCS_web web site


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Receiving a Critical error when launching the CCS_Web web site or directly launching the Dashboard or Risk Manager web site pages by entering them directly into an Internet browser address line.



Incorrect IIS configuration



Check the following settings in IIS Manager:

1. Check the Advanced settings for the CCS_WebAppPool to ensure that the Managed Pipeline Mode is set to Integrated.

2. Also ensure in these advanced settings that the Identity is set to the Service Account.   Click on the Service account listed in the identity field and then click the "..." button that appears.  Re-enter the service account (ensure to precede the account with the domain name....<domain>\<account>) and its password in the Custom Account field by clicking the SET button.  Click OK to save changes.

3. In IIS manager select the CCS_Web web site under the default web site.  Click the Basic Settings to open that interface.  Click the Connect As button.  Ensure that this is set to "Application user (pass-through authentication).  Click OK to save settings.  

NOTE: Do not necessarily worry if when using the TEST Settings button if you get an error about Invalid application path.  This is often normal when selecting pass through.

4. Restart the Default Web Site and now test if you can access the CCS_web web site.


Applies To

Control Compliance Suite Version 11.x.  IIS with or without SSL being used.