Symantec Endpoint Encryption Full Disk - Dell E 7240 and mSATA LITEONIT M6M LMT-128 hard drive


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Endpoint Encryption


 On a Dell E 7240 computer with a mSATA LITEONIT M6M LMT-128 hard drive, in Symantec Endpoint Encryption full disk client console your disk status shows as "partitions unmanaged" as opposed to showing the encryption/decryption status.


 The SATA RAID driver causes the disk to incorrectly appear as "unmanaged"


Check the version of your Bios, the latest Bios update is recommended and is currently A 08.

Check the version of your Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. Try updating to the latest version:

Then reboot the Windows machine. The disk status of the affected computer should be updated to reflect the current disk encryption/decryption status. Please contact Symantec support if any further guidance is required.

Some customers have found that although they have the current Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver as found in the above link, the issue is still experienced, in those scenarios it is recommended for customers to uninstall their Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, reboot the Windows computer, reinstall the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, reboot the Windows computer, login to the operating system,1 last restart will be required, login to the operating system, launch the Symantec Endpoint Encryption client console and the disk status should have changed from "partitions unmanaged" to the current encryption/decryption status.

Applies To

Windows 7 x 64 with Symantec endpoint encryption full disk installed.

Hardware is: Dell E 7240 with a mSATA hard drive


Affected disk model: LITEONIT M6M LMT- 128