Using Chrome Browser, Copy/Paste of Hyperlink Values Into AppCenter Console Causes Errors


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Using the Chrome web browser, copy of certain values from an Excel spreadsheet into the AppCenter console can display errors.  Branding images may be replaced with images of the hyperlink value.

Upon copying a hyperlink/email value and pasting it into the "Send admin alerts to:" field on the Notifications page:

"Could not upload keys.  The server encountered an unexpected error during file upload."


Upon copying a hyperlink/emil value and pasting it into the "Support Email" field on the Branding page:

"Could not upload keys.  Invalid keystore file."

The branding images and icons on that page may also change to an image of the email address.


Symantec is investigating this issue.


This issue is under investigation.  Symantec does not recommend using the Chrome browser to copy and paste settings into the AppCenter admin console.  This problem does not occur with Internet Explorer.

Applies To

AppCenter 4.4

Microsoft Excel

Google Chrome