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Windows system crash with BSOD on encrypted disk when LUM Drivers is installed


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When LUM Driver is installed on Windows system where disk is encrypted by Symantec Encryption Desktop you might experience system crash followed by Blue Screen Of Death during operation of License Export or License Restitute.


As documented by Dassault Systems Question and Answer document QA00000010082, to avoid crashes of the CATIA V5 LUM Nodelock Key Management on encrypted disks, you have to install LUM R.4.6.8 FixPack 15 on the license client (CATIA workstation).
The installation media and the User's Guide of LUM R.4.6.8 FixPack 15 can be downloaded from Dassault Systems web site

Applies To

Microsoft Windows family systems

Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.x

CATIA V5 LUM Nodelock Key Management 4.6.8