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Unable to delete Computer Type resources


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CMDB Solution


When trying to delete a Computer Type resource, found in Home > Service and Asset Management > Manage Configuration Items > Data Center Types, the right click menu for a computer type does not include the Delete function.


This is working as designed for out of box computer types, which include Test, Workstation and Server. Custom computer types should enable the Delete function.


As the Delete function is only available for custom computer types, out of box computer types cannot be deleted.

If for some reason, such as if older versions of CMDB Solution are used or the user is in a custom security role, the solutions are then to upgrade to the latest CMDB version or use a Symantec Administrator user account, respectively, to enable deletion of custom computer types. If this still doesn't enable deleting of custom computer types, these can be manually removed in SQL. The following instructions describe how to do this:

  1. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, run the following SQL script:

    USE Symantec_CMDB
    SELECT Guid '_ItemGuid', Name, [Display Server Fields]
    FROM Inv_Computer_Type_Details ctd
    JOIN vItem vi
    ON ctd._ResourceGuid = vi.Guid
    ORDER BY 2

    This will display the computer type records. Find the GUID(s) of the unwanted computer types. WARNING: It is not recommended to delete the out of box computer types, doing so may result in issues and unexpected problems!
  2. Delete the records for the the unwanted computer types from the Inv_Computer_Type_Details and Item tables by running the following SQL scripts after modifying them:

    DELETE FROM Inv_Computer_Type_Details
    WHERE _ResourceGuid = '<GUID>'

    WHERE Guid = '<GUID>'

    Where "<GUID>" equals a GUID of an unwanted computer type to delete, as found in step 1.