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Core Files Version Verification failure


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IT Management Suite Task Server


If the SMP has files on it that do not match up to the actual version installed, there will likely be various errors and problems in the environment. The version mismatch will typically be found by running the SMPdiag utility.


View the results of the SMPdiag.

Here is a description of the different columns

Mismatched Object: This is the object that is being scanned. It is usually a file name or the name of a .dll that should be loaded in the GAC.

Path or File Scanned: The results in this column have a different meaning depending on the object. If it is a GAC object then this will show the last directory we found when searching for the correct version of GAC files. If it was a file object then this will show the path and file name that was checked.

Mismatched Version on Disk: This is the version of the .exe on the disk of the object scanned. For GAC objects the version is in the path.

Main Product Version: This is the version of the Symantec Management Agent on the SMP. We determined this to be the most correct version of the installed product. If the other core files do not match this version then you will need to repair them.

To repair the install it is suggested that you first go through SIM and attempt to do a repair on the Symantec Management Platform for the version you are on. If SIM says you have 7.5 HF 4 install then do a repair on Symantec Management Platform 7.5 HF4 and not Symantec Management Platform 7.5.  If this does not resolve the issue you may need to restart before doing the repair.

If at this point you have not been able do address this error then please call support for further assistance.