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Enhancement for Domain Cache Database Performance


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange Control Compliance Suite Windows


For very large domains having multiple large groups, the time taken to build the domain cache is drastically reduced from more than 20 hours to less than 3 hours, thereby improving the domain cache database performance.


The domain cache builder can now be configured to build only the target domain cache and not the trusted domain cache files. This configuration now also ensures that trusted domain cache files are not synchronized to the agent. After this configuration, the domain cache file does not contain the information for user, group, and foreign security principal.
To build the cache file for target domain only , you must do the following configuration in the ConfigurationSettings.xml, located at <CCS install location>\ Reporting and Analytics\DPS\control\Windows\:

Note: To build the cache file including the information for user, group, and foreign security principal as well as the trusted domain cache files, you must revert the configuration file changes made to ConfigurationSettings.xml.

Also note that the XML snippet above has been corrected from the originally published information in the CCS SCU 2013-3 Release Notes.  This change requires installation of CCS SCU 2013-3 to function.