How to manage customers and their products in the Partner Management Console


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Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (Cloud)


Partners/Resellers of the Cloud version of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) using the Partner Management Console (PMC) have a variety of options available for managing customers linked with their PMC, this document will clarify the purpose of the various options and their effects.


Accessing Customer Profiles and Options:

Once logged in to the PMC, management options and configurations are available under the customer profile page, to access this page:

  1. Click on the Customers Tab
  2. Click on the name of the customer you would like to view/edit
  3. This will open the Customer Profile page for the customer in question, you can also quickly switch between customers by using the drop-down menu next to Customer Profile for

Management Options

The Management Type section in the PMC contains options regarding how customers will be able to interface with the SEP SBE cloud management console and communications options regarding alerts and messages generated by the system.

Who will manage this customer's product?

  • I will manage the products: With this option enabled no one will be able to log in to the Hosted Endpoint Portal other than PMC users clicking on the Manage Customer button.
  • The customer will manage the products:This option removes the ability to connect in to customer Hosted Endpoint Portals and the Manage Customer button is removed, the customer is entirely responsible for management of their environment and policies.
  • Both the customer and I will manage the products: Both customers and Partner/Resellers are able to log into the Hosted Endpoint Portal and make any necessary alterations to the environment and policies.

Do you want to manage all communications with this customer?

  • I will manage all communications with this customer: No communications, alerts or notifications will be sent to the customer from Symantec unless relating to worldwide outages or maintenance which are sent to all customers as a courtesy.
  • Both the customer and I will manage communications: Customers and Partner Account Manager will receive notifications and alerts as defined by the settings for their account in the Hosted Endpoint Portal.