Error in Job "Convert Mixed Booking Status"
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Error in Job "Convert Mixed Booking Status"


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We like to use Resource Management in the new UI which however does not allow mixed bookings.

Following the Guide we need therefor to disable "Allow mixed bookings" by activating and running the job "Convert Mixed Booking Status" and by removing afterwards the "Allow mixed bookings" check mark under Settings. 

However this job is completed with one unprocessed record, which means that it's not possible to proceed.

How do we find out which record is unprocessed, so we'll to be able to correct it manually and start using Resource Management in the new UI?



Release: 451-101-15.1-Clarity-Creator User License


The documentation says: 


The mixed booking allocations are left unprocessed in the following cases: 

1) A scheduler has locked the mixed booking allocations for a project. 

2) The user selects the target booking status as Mixed instead of Soft or Hard. 


Considering that point 2 was correctly set in the job detail, remains point 1: A scheduler has a lock on a project.

To check and resolve this, go to:


Here the possible import/export locks are displayed.


After removing the locks, the job should run successfully and not leave unprocessed records anymore.