How to localize security question on CA Identity Portal 14.0


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Using the out of the box functionality for Set My Security Questions for CA Identity Portal 14.0, is it possible to localize the language for users globally (Ex. French versus English)?


Component: SIGMA


There is no option to localize a form property’s options list in the Out Of The Box Localization feature, only the property’s label or name.

If the questions are displayed in various languages according to the user's locale, the only way to overcome this limitation is by using the property’s Initialization Handler and the form context’s api.getLocale() function.
In the handler’s code, populate the options list dynamically according to the current locale.
For example:

// get the current locale
var locale = api.getLocale();

if (locale == 'en') {
// populate the questions in English
prop.options = [
{ name: "What is the name of your favorite pet?",
value: "What is the name of your favorite pet?"
name: "In what city were you born?",
value: "In what city were you born?"
else if (locale == 'fr') {
// populate the questions in French
prop.options = [
{ name: "Quel est le nom de votre animal de compagnie préféré?",
value: "Quel est le nom de votre animal de compagnie préféré?"
name: "dans quelle ville es-tu né?",
value: "dans quelle ville es-tu né?"