Managed Software Delivery Policy not running when targeted to user, and scheduled for "When user logs on"


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Managed Software Delivery (MSD) policy not executing as planned when set to run at user log on. When policies targeted at users (not computers) there is a problem and the policy will not run consistently. 

This problem occurs when the setting in the policy in the Advanced setting are set to specific user and " A user is logged on to the computer". Also on policy schedule was set to When users logs in. The steps to reproduce this issue are (these steps will help you decide if you have this issue):

1. Obtain a quick-booting system, in our case we had the OS on a solid-state hard-drive.

2. Create a Managed Delivery for the system, the install package does not matter.

3. Set the schedule to run At User Log on.

4. Assign the system via a User-based policy (not directly to the computer). The primary user for the system should be selected.

5. After the policy is enabled, update the configuration on the target system to ensure it gets the policy.

6. Turn off the target system.

7. Turn it on, and as soon as able log into the system.

8. The policy will not run.


In the logs you will found that the Symantec Management Foundation (SMF) agent caught the log in event, but after it had evaluated and run a majority of the other policies assigned to the system, as if it was late.

**If we wait at the login screen for 2-5 minutes, the policies show up and run fine.


 A fast computer boots and checks for policy updates before the user is logged on. The fast booting computer with a quick logon will not run at user log or policies with user targeting schedules.


7.1 SP2 MP1 v10 release will contain the fix.
7.5 already contains the fix.

Applies To

 7.1 SP2 MP1