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How to trace user activity within the SSIM.


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Security Information Manager


 You want to trace user activity such as user longing/logout and what query was executed by which user.


1. Checking for user login/log-off detail:

   - Login to the SSIM Console.
   - Navigate to below query:
     Events -> System Queries -> SSIM -> SSIM System -> SSIM Timecard Query
2. To get detail regarding query executed by users:
   - Login to the SSIM console and navigate to the below query:
   - Events -> System Queries -> SSIM -> SSIM System -> Queries Executed by Users
     Note:- While executing above query, you need to select "SSIM Logs" archive.

Applies To

SSIM - 4.8.1 Patch 6

RHEL - 6.x