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How to create a Webhook for PortfolioItems in CA Agile Central?


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How to create a Webhook based on a Portfolio Item type using the ObjectTypes attribute?


Component: ACAPI


When creating a Webhook, for any of the Portfolio Item types, the syntax is different than in WS API. Below is an example Webhook that will fire for any change on a PortfolioItem/Feature for one Workspace:


  "AppName":     "Sean Davis Webhook Mockbin",

  "AppUrl":      "",

  "Name":        "Sean Davis Webhook Mockbin",

  "TargetUrl":   "<UUID>",

  "ObjectTypes": ["Feature"],




    "AttributeName": "Workspace",

   "Operator": "=",

    "Value": "<UUID>"




If you want the Webhook to fire for Initiatives and Features, the ObjectTypes attribute looks like this:

 "ObjectTypes": ["Feature","Initiative"],


Below is a link to the Webhook API documentation for other examples.