When you Create a Virtual Service in DevTest Portal, Where does the VSE Recording Actually Happen?


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When you create a virtual service in DevTest Portal, where does the VSE recording actually happen? Is it started on the Portal Server or on the VSE server itself (assuming Portal and VSE are in separate boxes)? 

In the latest versions of DevTest, we can create virtual services in DevTest Portal. This article will provide information on where actually the VSE recording will happen. 






All supported releases and platforms of DevTest.



VSE recording will happen on VSE server.

How to test it:

Do a recording in DevTest Portal and create a virtual service using the remote VSE.

After the recording is done, verify the DevTest_Home/vseRecording folder on Portal server and on VSE server.

On VSE server, you will see VSE_2013 (where VSE refers to the name of the VSE) folder created or updated with the new recording information done in the Portal and you don't see any updated information on the Portal server.