How to start JasperReport Server 6.2 with encrypted password


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When performing a JasperReport Server 6.2 install, the password requested to use in the password field is encrypted. The installer will proceed but will not start with the encrypted password. In order to start the JasperReport Server, a cleartext password is inserted. Is it possible to use an encrypted password and if so what are the instructions to do so?


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


JasperReport Server 6.2 supports encrypted password. In order to make this work, please follow the instructions listed below:

1. Create copy of file, and rename to
2. Copy file to <CA-Build>/buildomatic folder.
3. Add the following to the .properties file:
a. encrypt=true
b. propsToEncrypt=dbPassword
4. Open cmd prompt, navigate to <CA Build>/buildomatic and run: js-ant.bat gen-config
5. Copy the newly encrypted dbPassword value from the properties file into context.xml

After these instructions are followed, the JasperReport server will start up successfully with the encrypted password.