Public Folder Enumeration Tool (PublicFolderEnumeration.exe)


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange



You would like to test the ability to connect and enumerate public folders from a specific CAS server or array.







This tool will dump all types of EWS communication between the tool and given CAS server within debug view and create a file named “PublicFolderList.txt” containing all returned public folders.
Procedure for running tool:
1.      Logged in user must be member of exchange organization group which has RBAC permission for enumerating public folders.
2.      Copy the entire folder “publicFolderEnumerator” to the server in which you want to test from.
3.      Open Debug view for capturing all EWS communication and other logging information.
4.      Open command prompt and navigate to the folder “publicFolderEnumerator” from step 2 above.
5.      From command prompt. Type the following command:
<publicFolderEnumerator Path> PublicFolderEnumeration.exe <CAS URL>
Example: C:\temp\publicFolderEnumerator>PublicFolderEnumeration.exe
 For SMSMSE Installations the CAS URL value can be taken from registry key  value “ExchangeWebServiceURL” under registry hive “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Symantec\SMSMSE\7.0\Server ”.  



Applies To


Windows: 2008, 2012
Exchange: 2010, 2013



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