Unable to edit software resources due to many Software Portal requests for that software. The attempt to save any edit made to the software times out with an error stating "Error when saving software resource: Thread was being aborted.".


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Software Management Solution


When running 7.1 SP2 MP1 v4 the customer was unable to save any edits to
Software resources that have many SW Portal requests. This does not affect all
software resources, just those with many requests through the Software Portal.

The attempt to save the edit times out with the generic "Symantec Management
Server Error" "Internal server error" message on the screen. And it throws an
error in the a.logs stating:
"Error when saving software resource: Thread was being aborted."
And another saying:
"Failed to save SoftwareComponentResource".

Trace level logging shows the following just before the "Failed to save
SoftwareComponentResource" error:
"Failed to load item d9729e67-3778-4c22-b1cc-0fe4f76b00e1, load flags
WriteableIgnoreAll. Error Unable to load the specified item (GUID:{d9729e67-
That item Guid is "INSINQ - TENV3 BETA - Install (Portal)", one of the existing
portal requests for the software resource we tried to edit.

We tried profiling the operation, but I didn’t find anything that seemed
important. However, in the a.logs, before the error is finally thrown, there
are hundreds of the following entries:

dFor Description: Package change listener INSINQ – TENV3 BETA – Install
(Portal) called successfully.

It seems that any portal tasks, even old ones, are being accessed to have the
change applied to them. In the meantime, the operation is timing out. In the
console’s Administrator Portal, there are over 65,000 entries.

After upgrading to 7.1 SP2 MP1 v8 the software resource will save but very,
very slowly.

We need a way to speed up the editing of those software resources that are
heavily requested via the Software Portal.

We need a way to purge the old requests from the SW Portal Administrator Portal.
The scheduled task "NS.Scheduled purge of completed Software Portal Tasks" does
not clean out the Software Portal Administrator Portal.


"Error when saving software resource: Thread was being aborted."
"Failed to save SoftwareComponentResource."
"Failed to load item d9729e67-3778-4c22-b1cc-0fe4f76b00e1, load flags
WriteableIgnoreAll. Error Unable to load the specified item (GUID:{d9729e67-


This is a known issue.


This issue if fixed in version 7.6.

Before that version you can try the following SQL to resolve the issue (please backup your database before running):


-- get task schedules associated:
-- 1. either with 'Update Client Configuration' task (A32FEE52-AE19-4402-97BE-
-- 2. or with DeliverSoftwareEx task type (98ed4aeb-6c8e-472f-8aee-e213016ca4ff)
INSERT INTO #temp_schedule
  SELECT ir.ParentItemGuid, 
		 CAST(ScheduleXml AS XML).value('data
	  FROM ItemReference ir
	  INNER JOIN ItemClass ic on ic.Guid = ir.ChildItemGuid
	  INNER JOIN CalendarScheduledItem csi on csi.SourceItemGuid = 
ir.ParentItemGuid and csi.ScheduleXml is not null and DATALENGTH
(csi.ScheduleXml) != 0
	  WHERE ir.Hint = 'taskschedulehint' and (ic.Guid = 'A32FEE52-AE19-4402-
97BE-79FE05552879' or ic.ClassGuid = '98ed4aeb-6c8e-472f-8aee-e213016ca4ff')
-- filter out task schedules older then @Duration+ days
	FROM #temp_schedule ts
	WHERE DATEDIFF(dd, ts.Date, @now) >= @Duration 
DROP TABLE #temp_schedule


Applies To

7.1 SP2 MP1 all roll-ups