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Unable to see fixed assets that are in a stockroom


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Asset Management Solution


When viewing a stockroom (Home > Service and Asset Management > Procurement > Stockroom), the Number of Items lists a number of in stock assets. However, it does not display what these are.


This is working as designed. Asset Management does not have any method to display fixed assets that are in stock in a stockroom. However, when editing a stock room, its consumable assets are listed. The total number of fixed and consumable items then become the stockroom's Number of Items, but without any way to see what the non-consumable ones are.


There is no out of box method of seeing what fixed assets, such as computers, are in a stockroom, or for changing which stockroom they belong to after they have been received from a purchase order.

When a fixed asset is received by a purchase order, it's Status value is set to In Stock. Later, after having a Symantec Management Agent installed onto it, the Agent will check in and set the Status value to Active. This then removes the fixed asset from the total number of items in the stockroom. If the user manually changes the Status value back to In Stock, however, this automatically places the fixed asset back into its stockroom again. At least, until the Agent checks back in, at which time the Status value is again changed to Active.

A custom report is attached to this article that can be imported into the Symantec Management Console, which displays fixed assets that are part of a stockroom. To import this, copy the .xml file to the Symantec Management Platform server, go into reports, right click on the folder to import it to, and choose Import.

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