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How to run Java Live Update manually on Symantec Protection Engine for Linux.


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You need to run Java Live Update manually on a Linux system running Symantec Protection Engine.

"navdefupdater.NavDefInstaller: Unable to get destination directory"


The command line syntax is probably incorrect as it does not include the temporary definitions storage location.


  1. Create a folder “/opt/SYMCScan/bin/definitions/AntiVirus/tmpIncoming”
  2. Change owner: “chown root:avdefs /opt/SYMCScan/bin/definitions/AntiVirus/tmpIncoming”
  3. Change permissions: “chmod 770 /opt/SYMCScan/bin/definitions/AntiVirus/tmpIncoming”
  4. Run the Java Live Update command:
    java -cp "/opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate/jlu.jar:/opt/SYMCScan/bin/definitions/AntiVirus/tmpIncoming" -c /opt/SYMCScan/bin/liveupdate.conf -d [ -p spe av Definitions for x86-linux -v 7.0 -l SymAllLanguages ]
  5. Copy the definition files from tmpIncoming to VirusDefs, overwriting destination files.
  6. Restart symcscan: “/opt/SYMCScan/ restart”
  7. Check the GUI to verify the definitions date.