Patch Vulnerability Assessment Scan fails on client with COM Exception (Win Error 10010)


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Endpoint Protection Integration Component


if one executes SEPIC task i.e. “SEP Full Virus Scan Client” task on a client machine, while running “SEP Full Virus Scan Client” task, if then “Patch Windows Assessment Scan” task (related to Patch Solution) is started. “Patch Windows Assessment Scan” task will fail with a COM Exception (Win Error 10010),

COM Exception (Win Error 10010)


1. Make sure you have already installed SEPIC 7.1 SP2 or above version along
   with dependent products.

2. Download the attached "EndpointProtectionIntegration_Tasks.config" file.

3. Copy or replaced above file at "C:\Program Files\Altiris
   \EndpointProtectionIntegration\Config\" or if install location is   
   non-default then copy at nondefaultpath\...\EndpointProtectionIntegration

4. Browse the Web Service http://localhost/Altiris/NS/Services

5. Select “ConfigureProduct” on web page.

6. Now, Click the Invoke button.

EndpointProtectionIntegration.config will be configured properly and new Script
will be updated on Console.
Now user can executed “Windows System Assessment Scan” task while running SEP
“Full Scan for Viruses and Security Risks” task.

Applies To

SEPIC 7.1 SP2 or above


EndpointProtectionIntegration_Tasks.config get_app