Error importing .p12 file in PGP Command Line on AIX
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Error importing .p12 file in PGP Command Line on AIX


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PGP Command Line


When using Symantec PGP Command Line on AIX operating system and trying to import .p12 file, your system may report lock error. This error may occur with --import and --sign-key parameters of PGP Command Line

~/.pgp/pubring.pkr:import key (0:file created successfully)
~/.pgp/secring.skr:import key (0:file created successfully)
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::lock_error'
what(): boost::lock_error
IOT/Abort trap


As currently PGP Command Line is only available as 32-bit executable, the issue appears due to AIX OS limit for maximum number of memory segments attached to 32-bit process.


In order to resolve the problem please move ~/.pgp/PGPsdkIPC directory to /tmp folder or other location and set environment variable EXTSHM=ON prior execution of pgp command.

mv ~/.pgp/PGPsdkIPC /tmp/PGPsdkIPC.bakup

export EXTSHM=ON

Applies To

AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1

Symantec PGP Command Line 10.3.x