WinPE 4.0 DAgent hangs at Client record updated


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Deployment Solution


The WinPE 4.0 build process appears to build correctly, even the Optional Components show that WMI and other components were selected to be installed, however after booting WinPE 4.0 the DAgent does not load properly. It does not show the computer name, MAC address, etc; the status might show "Client record updated" or "Unable to connect to the Deployment Server".


There are a number of possible reasons for this, here are some that Symantec Support has noticed:

  1. McAfee or some Antivirus or Endpoint Protection may be interfering with the WinPE build process
  2. Windows ADK 8.0, while supported, might not work well on OSes older than Windows Server 2012


  1. Create exceptions, temporarily disable, or uninstall any Antivirus or Endpoint Protection on the WinPE build server and the Deployment Server
  2. Upgrade the Deployment Server's OS to Windows 2012 or later