The customer tries to connect to Oracle OLE through ODBC and receives connectivity errors when trying to run a Symantec Control Compliance Suite External Data Integration (CCS EDI) job


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The customer has a remote CCS Manager service installed in a given CCS installation.  On this remote server that has CCS Manager resides the EDI service, an Oracle Client installation, and Oracle OLE through ODBC.  The customer tests connectivity through Control Panel-> ODBC using its Test Connect feature which succeeds.  Likewise, Oracle's SQLplus client connects to Oracle without issues.  However, when the customer tries to test connect through CCS Console on a separate server (Microsoft Windows 2008 R2) or from a CCS Console Client (Microsoft Windows 7) it returns with an error (although on some occasions it returns a success).  Also, if an EDI Asset Import job is executed, the job will run for several minutes but always reports back with an error message.  The customer only has 64-bit ODBC components installed, no 32-bit ODBC drivers.  The customer has never been able to get the Oracle OLE via EDI to work properly.

Unable to establish connection with database.
The OraOLEDB.Oracle provider is not registered on the local machine.


The customer had the Oracle OLE drivers configured under the ODBC User Data Source Name (DSN) but
it needs to be set under ODBC System DSN.


Add the Oracle OLE driver configuration to the ODBC System DSN tab within the Control Panel -> ODBC Administrator.  Run ODBC Administrator Test Connect to ensure a successful connection to the database from the ODBC System DSN tab.

Applies To

Symantec CCS 11.0.10400.1026 distributed environment Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
PU/SCU: 2013-3/2013-3
Oracle Database 11g
Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) 64-bit 12.1.0
Windows 2008 R2 ODBC 64-bit  (32-bit not used)