VMware snapshot fails with ' invalid command parameter (20) '


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Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris)


There are numerous reasons for an ' invalid command (20) ' error messages appearing (invalid licenses, mis-match of NetBackup binaries, poor installations), however, when the systems are all installed and configured correctly, valid licenses are applied, and the VMware policy validation is successful, there is another reason.

NB: The BPFIS log and job details also report a ' Status: 1542 ', but this is normal as there is no valid snapshot to delete; this status can be ignored.


BPFIS log:

11:54:09.210 [2047] <2> parse_close: INF - Closing file /tmp/<POLICY_NAME>+<PID>+1.std_filelist
11:54:09.210 [2047] <16> bpfis main: FTL - process_fs_list() failed, status 20



NetBackup does not support a Solaris server as a 'Backup' or 'Access' host for VMware backups



Select either a Windows or Linux server/client as the 'Backup' or 'Access' host to perform the VMware backups.  For further details, refer to the Symantec NetBackup compatibility guides.


Applies To

Solaris, NetBackup 7.5.0.x, 7.6.0.x