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Monitor Solution Server Health Report Summary not loading.


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Monitor Solution Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris) Monitor Pack for Servers Monitor Solution for Servers


The Monitor Solution report named Server Health Report Summary will not load or will not load for all computers selected.  The report can be found by navigating to the following area of the Symantec Management Console:

Reports > All Reports > Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Servers > Common Performance > System > Server Health Report Summary.

The report will either indefinitely show the loading or give an error saying that the report could not be loaded.


There are 2 basic scenarios that can cause data not to be loaded in the Server Health Report Summary.

Scenario 1:
The report is loading, but not all data points are being populated.  This is a little different error, but it should be mentioned here so that it is not confused with the issue of the report not loading or giving a time out error.  This issue is generally caused by not having the correct Monitor Policies
applied to collect the data to populate the report.

Scenario 2:
The Server Health Report Summary is not loading for some or all computers selected.  This is generally caused by having too much data in the following tables:
MonitorMetricData, MonitorMetricInstances, and MonitorMetricHourlySummary. These tables are the base for the view or virtual table named vMonitorAllMetricData that the report uses to populate it's rows and columns. A view or virtual table is a glorified SQL query so the virtual table itself cannot be purged, because it only ever exists temporarily.  To purge the view the
real tables the view pulls data from must be purged.


Scenario 1:
This issue can generally be resolved by having the proper policies targeting the correct machines.  The following are 3 agent based policies that must be applied in order for the Server Health Report Summary to populate correctly: System Health and Tuning, Processor, and Network. These can be found by navigating to: Home > Monitoring and Alerting >
Monitor > Policies > Windows 20**
.  The exact folder will depend on the type of Windows operating system being targeted.  Once these policies are applied the report should populate
correctly.  If it does not it may be a problem with the particular agent on the machine in question.

Scenario 2:
If the Server Health Report Summary is not loading for all computers, then chances are the table is too full and the query is timing out.  To remedy this, first figure out which tables in particular are
the fullest.  To see how much data is possessed in each table run the following query:

SELECT COUNT (*) FROM MonitorMetricData
SELECT COUNT (*) FROM MonitorMetricInstances
SELECT COUNT (*) FROM MonitorMetricHourlySummary

If any of these tables happen to be over 1 million rows (or around that number) then the table should be purged.  To delete all data from before a certain date run the following query on the table in question

DELETE FROM tableName where TimeStamp < 'mm-dd-yyyy'