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F.A.Q's on Database Backup Status


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Critical System Protection Data Center Security Server Critical System Protection Client Edition Data Center Security Server Advanced


 This explains the details about SCSPDB database status displayed under Symantec Configuration Data. (Under Admin-> Settings -> View Configuration -> Database) 


 1. What are the different value icons Displayed for Last Backup Status?

Ans:- Status is denoted by Green\Yellow\Red circle icon. 

           a. If last backup finish date is < 1 day, status is Green.   

           b. If last backup finish date is < 7 day, status is Yellow.   

           c. In other cases, it will be Red.

2. Is it possible to change\configure these intervals?

Ans:-  This option is not configurable as it is hard coded into the product.


3. Does the SCSP only record the status of backup job by SQL server itself? Does SCSP renew the backup status if the backup is taken by a third party software?

   Ans:- Yes, it does update the status when a third party SQL backup software is used provided a direct backup of SCSPDB is taken.

                           In other words, if the tool generate following log in SQL Server logs, it will update the status:

        <TIMESTAMP> Backup,Unknown,,Database backed up. Database: SCSPDB