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Is the CA Experience Collector a different software package than the Java agent?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  We are starting to configure the browser agent using the 10.5 Java agent. 

  We notice that some parts are included in the Java agent package. However, it looks that an additional CA Experience Collector package is needed.

Is the "CA Experience Collector package" a separate package ? If so, how can we download this package ?


APM 10.5 and later on Linux/Windows


Yes, the CA Experience Collector is a separate package.
An overview of what it is and how to download is below

What is the CA Experience Collector? 
CA APM can monitor end-user business services and transactions using the Browser Agent.

 CA Digital Experience Collector is a common component that collects data and sends it  to both CA APM and App Experience Analytics. 

The Browser Agent and CA Digital Experience Collector components are provided in the CA Experience Collector.

The CA Digital Experience Collector must be installed and configured to monitor data in the Browser Agent.

Use the CA Experience Collector to transmit data between CA APM and App Experience Analytics simultaneously.This setup provides the Browser Agent data in both solutions. 

As a result, Browser Agent information is now included CA Experience Collector documentation. 


Additional Information

Download Steps

Here are the steps to find the needed software. 

1. Go to 


3. Enter "CA Application Performance" in the top field. 

4. Then select CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) in the top drop-down box. 

5. From the Tab "Product Downloads" list , select the link 

"CA Application Performance Management Agent MULTI-PLATFORM" 

6. A new page opens

    a) On the top of the page 

     - Select the release 10.5 (or equivalent)

     - select the Service Pack : 2  (or equivalent)

   b) In the field component enter "CA experience Collector ......" and validate. 

7. Keep empty the fields Release and service pack from on the left of the component field. 

Then download the package GEN06093807E.tar (or equivalent file name).