DS7.5 KNOWN ISSUE: DA / Driver Injection fails to target drivers that are actually in DriversDB and/ro are newer than the ones in the image


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Deployment Solution


Correct drivers are added to DriversDB, but are skipped completely during the DA eval pass and never loaded into the system.

Common scenarios for this include almost all Video drivers, and drivers that are present but a newer version has been released by the manufacturer.


Due to a new HTTP source for DA being the general "rule," as it is for most packages, the process had to be modied.  DA can't access DriversDB over HTTP, so a process was invented to pull down only a subset of DriversDB to the production drive, and this new process is excluding any driver that already has a counterpart in Windows.  That essentially means that DA never gets to actually score drivers that already exist in Windows for a "best" match.'


A full solution is being worked on by Dev to include a larger downloaded subset of drivers, but it requires a larger download footprint, and requires re-coding of the product.



There is a work-around, but it's manual.  After deploying the image (DA must be selected in the image task and must run to completion to get changes to the Unattend.XML), but BEFORE rebooting to production, map a drive to DriversDB on either the SMP or a site server (no, there's no automatic way to find a site server), and run DA manually.  The command in DSTasks (second execution) can be used but the DA log should be redirected to the logs folder, log level set to 255, and the DDB set to point to the network location.

Applies To

Only applicable to DS 7.5: GA-HF4 currently