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Virtual Symantec Web Gateway support for VLAN trunking.


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Web Gateway


The option to specify that the SWG is connected to a VLAN trunk port is not visible in the Virtual Symantec Web Gateway Web Interface.


The Virtual Edition of the Symatnec Web Gateway does not support VLAN Trunking, and the VLAN options have been removed from the interface.


The Symantec Web Gateway Virtual Edition does not support inline mode and the VLAN trunking option is only available for this mode for physical appliances. This is because there is no Network Bypass option available for the virtual edition as there is for the physical appliance.

This limitation can be worked around by one of the following options:

  1. Connect the virtual SWG to an untagged switch port. Traffic can be routed to the relevant VLAN to allow it to be scanned.
  2. Implement the SWG in another mode where VLAN trunk port connectivity is not required, such as Tap mode or proxy mode.
  3. Replace the virtual SWG with a physical SWG to which the desired configuration can be applied.