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CCS Data Evaluation fails with error (0x80131904): Internal Error:Unable to Store Evidence


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange



All evaluation jobs that have failed checks are terminated with error (0x80131904): Internal Error:Unable to Store Evidence


2014-02-20 09:40:29.522,2014-02-20 09:40:29.522,Machine1,Error,SQLStoreAPI,AppserverService,2964,BladeRunnerAsyncUploadQueue thread:64,64,InsertEvidence,,0,0,"Exception in InsertEvidence: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Internal Error:Unable to Store Evidence at Symantec.CSM.SQLStoreAPI.EvidenceStoreOne.InsertEvidence(DateTime EvalDate, String& EvidenceData)at Symantec.CSM.SQLStoreAPI.SMEvidenceHelper.InsertEvidence(List`1 checksDetailedEvidence, DateTime entryDateTime)"



Every 90 days, a new CSM Storage Evidence file is created on the CSM_Reports database. 

In this particular case CCS Stored Procedure (spCreateEvidencePartition) was scheduled for the day when there was shortage of disk space on the SQL server. 

Due to the lack of the storage the corresponding file has not being created

Screenshots below demonstrate properly created storage evidence files:

The Files tab should correspond to the Filegroups tab



 Executing a stored procedure manually from SQL Management Studio fixes the issue.


  • Browse CSM_Reports and navigate to Programmability -->Stored Procedures -->dbo.spCreateEvidencePartition 
  • Right Click -->Execute Stored Procedure



Applies To


CCS 11.x