Symantec Critical System Protection SCSP Symantec Data Center Security SDCS 6.0.0 using Web UI to enter MD5 value in File Rules, checksum value is not displayed in Policy Editor box.


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Critical System Protection Data Center Security Server Critical System Protection Client Edition Data Center Security Server Advanced


Note: This is a WebUI only issue.

When using the WebUI console to build new prevention policies, especially when using Protection Strategy, Whitelisting Strategy, in Global Policy Options and selecting File Rules to enter a program path and associated MD5 checksum value, we expect to see the MD5 value displayed in the Policy editor box.  Instead, the MD5 value is not displayed.

No error messages.  Lack of data display.




Known Issue.  No work around at this time when using the Web based console.  However, we do not see this issue when using the server console.  Switching consoles is the only path forward at this time.

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Currently known affected Builds - 

Working fine in Java console and IE 9
Works fine while entering both SHA256 and MD5 value in Mozilla
Issue is seen only when MD5 Value is added

Steps to Reproduce :

1.In Web-UI Login to the console,Under Policies -> Prevention tab, click Add
will launch New Prevention policy builder                                     
2.Select New policy builder and click launch button
3.Under policy name select 6.0 template policy and give a name "whitelist-test",
then click next
4.Under Protection strategy select whitelisting strategy
5.In Global policy option and select file rules
6.Select Block modification to these files
7.Enter the program path as C:\temp\test.txt  and  enter the MD5 value alone in
File hash path.
8.Click ok