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How to Enable or Disable a Credential ID State via VIP Manager


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VIP Authentication Service



The following steps could be used to Enabling or Disabling the Credential State for a User.
To easily assign an Enabled or Disabled credential state for a user with a single credential:

  1. Search for the end user as described in VIP Manager --> Help --> “Finding a VIP End User and Associated Account Information”
  2. Select either Disable Credential or Enable Credential for your target user ID, depending upon the current credential state.
  3. Within the pop-up screen, confirm the action, and a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page.

Note: Alternatively, you can change the current credential state to another credential state by selecting Edit Details for your target user ID, and then selecting Edit within the Credential pane. See VIP Manager --> Help -->“Editing a User's Credential Information”