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PXE Menu doesn't show menu options, PXE Config Utility does


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Deployment Solution


In the PXE Configuration Utility, all PXE Menu Options are seen, however when a client PXE boots, the PXE Menu shows only "Next Device" or may show some but not all PXE Menu Options.


This can be caused by a number of reasons, here are some that have been found so-far:

  1. The menu option in question is not a Shared item, but a Local item of a different PXE server.
    1. Open the PXE Configuration Utility
    2. Click File > Choose PXE Server
    3. Select Shared Configuration
    4. Verify the menu option is in the list
  2. The validate.sig file is missing
    1. Open a file browser to the PXE folder (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\PXE)
    2. Open the Master Images folder
    3. Open the menuoption<nnn> folder
      1. To determine the menu option number (<nnn>), open the PXE Configuration Utility
      2. Select the missing menu option
      3. Click Edit
      4. Near the bottom of the window you'll see "Find Location on PXE Server" which will show which menuoption<nnn> to use
    4. Verify validate.sig is there; if it is, compare the rest of the files/folders with a known working menu option
    5. Also look in the pxe.ini, verify the [ProxyDHCP\X86PC\UNDI], [ProxyDHCP\X64\UNDI], and [ProxyDHCP\IA64\UNDI] sections have more than Menu="0,Next Device (BIOS/EFI)" on the architectures the menu option should be listed in
      1. For example, if WinPE x86 has a menu option, it would be expected that [ProxyDHCP\X86PC\UNDI] would have Menu="0,Next Device (BIOS/EFI)","131,WinPE Managed", but the others would only have 0,Next Device (BIOS/EFI)


The known solutions are:

  1. The menu option in question is not a Shared item, but a Local item of a different PXE server.
    1. Follow steps 1a-d from the Cause section, replacing step c with each PXE server
    2. Once you find the PXE server with the menu option in question, delete the menu option
    3. Return to the "Shared Configuration"
    4. Create the menu option
  2. The validate.sig file is missing
    1. Stop all PXE services (both on the PXE Manager and on all remote PXE servers this menu option should go to)
    2. Clear out the PXE.ini
      1. If there might be any custom configuration for any PXE server, open the PXE.ini of each PXE Server, and remove all characters below the IP Address, so the Section Header, Server GUID, and IP Address should be all that remain in PXE.ini)
      2. If there is no custom configuraiton for this PXE server, the pxe.ini can be deleted
    3. Remove all references to the menu option from pxemanager.ini (found in the PXE folder, see Cause 2a)
      1. Use steps 2c i-iv to determine the menu option number
      2. search for any instance of that number (the number by itself, not just "menuoption<nnn>; for example, don't search for menuoption131, but search for 131)
      3. Remove any trace of the menu option
        1. if the number is by other numbers, remove the number and preceeding comma (ie if it was pxemenu=0,131,160, leave pxemenu=0,160, or leave pxemenu=0 if removing both 131 and 160)
        2. if the number is by itself, replace it with 0 (ie if it was default=131, do not leave default=, leave default=0)
        3. if the number is in a section header (ie [Bootmenu\131]), remove the entire section - the [Bootmenu\131] line, as well as all lines beneath it up to the next section header (text enclosed in [ ])
      4. Save and close pxemanager.ini
    4. Start the PXE Manager service
    5. Open the PXE Configuration Utility, verify the menu option has been removed
    6. Create a new menu option
      1. After going through the steps to configure the menu option, after clicking Finish in the Boot Disk Creator, wait at least 3 seconds before clicking OK, and then wait 3 seconds again before clicking Save
    7. Once the new menu option is created, verify the file structure as indicated above (at least verify validate.sig is there)
    8. Start the PXE Config Helper service
    9. Wait for the menu option(s) to be copied to the PXE Server(s)
    10. Once this is complete, the pxe.ini should be on the PXE Server(s)
    11. Verify the menuoption has been added to the PXE.ini, and verify the [ProxyDHCP\X86PC\UNDI] (or X64 or IA64) sections have the menu option listed, as described in Cause 2e
    12. PXE boot a client to verify the client receives the PXE menu option as expected