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Error while importing ESX/ ESXi host into CCS-VSM


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Control Compliance Suite Virtualization Security Manager


Customer is trying to add an ESX/ ESXi host into CCS-VSM. When they go through the import process at the end they receive the below mentioned error on the screen

Error: VAL0003 create account error during session management


Customer was performing unmanaged ESX host import steps on managed servers


This error can occur because of (but not limited to) the below reasons (for ESX/ ESXi host):

1) Managed server being imported individually --> To resolve this, customer needs to import the vCentre host that manages the cluster. All managed hosts being managed by the vCentre will start appearing on the "Host" page in CCS-VSM

2) Root credentials are not used to import an unmanaged ESX/ESXi host --> To resolve this please provide root credentials during the import, it has to be the "root" account, not a root equivalent account

3) A Managed host that appears on the hosts page with a "red symbol" in front of its name is attempted to be re-imported  --> If the vCentre host that manages the specific host is already imported, then the customer needs to edit the configuration of the said ESX host and provide the root credentials to complete the import process.